From Thunder Bay, Canada

Joined 2nd May 2008

Part-time as a Administrative/Sales Assistant at Twin City Refreshments
Sales & Marketing
How many hours I work:
20 to 40 hours a week
How much I like my job:
I like it
How stressful I find my job:
Pretty stressful
Best thing about my job:
Diversity of what I do and the flexibility that I have
My dream job:

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  • I Love musical theatre!!!

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  • Thanks!! I absolutely love doing live theater! We just had our funal performance on Saturday night and it was so much fun! It is a lot of work and can be difficult to juggle when you are working full time...ii i had a choice...I would quit my job in a second and pursue theater full time!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Karen on 6th May 2008

  • No comment entered

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  • Hi Karen. I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! Welcome! It’s really great to meet you. How cool that you're in a theater group! That must be a great way to let off steam, huh? Hope you're having a great day!

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