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  • Is anyone else a "burnt out on corporate america "mom looking for a home based career? Help!

    Answered on 13th October 2009:

    The easiest way to start a home based business is to think of a way that you can take what you are doing now and become a consultant doing that. That is how I got out of a corporate job 14 years ago and raised my 3 children (I am still raising them, but moved on to something new). I worked as a consultant part-time in a field where everyone else worked in an office full-time. It took some creative thinking and sacrifices, but it worked great for me and my family. I now teach other moms how to start a home based business, so that they can live a dream that I was able to live while raising my children.

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  • How do you re-focus on your work when your mind wants to wander? Any tips & tricks from reformed procrastinators?

    Answered on 22nd September 2009:

    i find when I am having trouble focusing, it is because I haven't committed myself to finish a specific task. My brain is trying to decide what it should work on next, so it bounces back and forth. This is when I take a 5 min break. Grab a snack or a glass of water to rejuvenate. While I'm taking my break I decide what task it is that I really want to get done. When I get back to work, I force myself to stick to that one task with allowing for any interrruptions. Once I set my mind to doing a particular thing, I become much more focused. Also, I don't have caffeine very often; therefore, when I do have coffee, my mind becomes very productive. I find that when I'm having trouble focusing one day, I might grab a cup of coffee. My mind becomes very focused then! Caffeine is great when you aren't used to it every day.

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  • Thanks for the comment and for the advice Kimberly!

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  • Thanks for the comment you left me on article submission in order to generate traffic to my web site.

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