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  • As a working mom, do you ever feel like you're failing in some aspect of your life?

    Answered on 8th November 2007:

    Of course! I don't excercise as much as I should, spend as much time as I should with my kid, take time for myself like I should... A wise person once don't me "Don't should on yourself." Made sense. Its all a question of priorities. Right now I am the lowest priority - my kid, husband, and job get more of me than I do, but that's now and later it will be something else. I've decided not to think too hard about it!

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  • Are you considering having only one child? What factors go into your decision?

    Answered on 10th September 2007:

    After two late miscarriages (early in 2nd trimester) I feel the universe is sending me a message that one kid is plenty for us. Really my concern is more financial. We are just getting rid of the child care payment and I don't think we could make it with another kid- including cost of diapers, etc. I'm becoming more at peace with the decision to have just one - and the only people who ask are rude ones, I've decided. I've thought of maybe later - when my son is older - becoming a foster parent or adopting an older child. Maybe then we can afford number two!

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