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  • Everyone hopes that their childrens' lives will be better than their own. Do you think yours are? (I am not sure my daughter's is-I spend a lot of time working.)

    Answered on 1st September 2008:

    I think you're asking a really important question. I don't think the answer lies strictly in whether or not we are better financial providers. When you look at the terrible pressure that girls are under culturally and the assault on childhood in our society it is hard to answer "yes" to your question. Children are exposed to things that we never were. I always find it amazing that women are still battling on blogs about whether or not it is better to be a stay at home mom or a working mom. I think there is far more to worry about in terms of what they are exposed to at a younger and younger age for the purposes of marketing. Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore your question. Truthfully, I think that there are parents that are home all day with their children, and are not doing a great job of parenting. I believe we have far more to worry about with regard to the very negative messages coming through the media.

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  • What do I do with my 17 year old daughter who will not do as I ask? When she does not get her way she screams at me. I have tried evertything! I can't take the upcoming school year scedule and battle with mt disrespectful teen. Should I tell her to m

    Answered on 20th August 2008:

    Sorry you are experiencing this kind of difficulty with your daughter. I would recommend sitting down with a counselor before doing anything drastic. Some things a therapist might explore with you would be recent changes in the home (i.e. divorce, new marriage, etc), and explore the roots of her anger. If you send her to a new school at such a critical point in her schooling you may be doing more harm than good. If she is physically aggressive, abuses drugs/alcohol, or there is an issue that you feel can't be managed in the home, you really need professional guidance. It sounds like you are at your wits end and need a break yourself. You could probably benefit from getting as much outside support from friends and family as well as counseling to manage your own anger and negative feelings. I would also add that, you've brought her along this far and she is so close to graduation, which tells me you must be doing a lot that is right. Don't give up.

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  • Hi Leslie. Welcome to Work it, Mom! It's great to meet you. I'm a moderator here so let me know if you have questions about anything. Hope you enjoy the site!

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