Talyaa Liera

From Seattle, Washington, United States

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writing, writer, work at home mom, cycling, artist, channel, psychic, down syndrome
About me:
I'm a writer and a channel (a bit like a psychic crossed with a spiritual advisor). I'm the head writer for a new green/eco site about to launch, I write a monthly column at Literary Mama and at Imperfect Parent, and I give channeled readings for clients all over the world by telephone and email. My four children live in Pennsylvania.
My interests:
Cycling, photography, art.
My website/blog:
http://light-spring.com http://thejuxtapositioning.com
How I de-stress:
meditation, cycling, yoga
Best advice I've gotten:
Adjective to describe me:
I lead you to your sacred destiny. Spiritual shaman to celebrities and movers and shakers of the world. Anam cara, mentor, healer, writer. Lover of trees and cats. I sing to the waters, rocks, and clouds. Every day I dream the wild dream, honor our creati
My favorite book:
I have to pick just one?

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  • Hi! I was wondering how you decided to go from an attachment parent to a non-custodial one - did you feel bad for their father and want to give him a chance for awhile? I can't imagine giving up my three year old! But you seem pretty together, I have to figure you had good reasons.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by amywill5918 on 5th November 2009

  • Hi, Karen 0 hope you feel better soon! (and going to read what you sent to me tomorrow - been up since 4am getting the new site updates ready!)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 21st September 2007