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  • I am looking for a home business, but I am afraid of all the scams out there. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Answered on 13th April 2008:

    As you see I am in the Wedding planning industry. I actually have a marketing and advertising backround that helped me get over the getting my name out there.I would be more than happy to offer different ways to get started. There are so many online schools to get the knowledge and idea of how to plan a wedding or event for that matter. There are so many vendors in your area to introduce yourself to as well as leave business cards. Floral Shops, Limo services,etc. Even Catering Halls are great to work with.You can offer Day of Coordinating Services. Perhaps you can have a home office set up to meet clients. Vendors you refer your clients to will pay you a commission as well. There are so many options as well and as your business grows so will your children. If you have money to invest you can get sample invitation books as well. Good Luck!

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  • I am graduating from college and I am ready to pursue my dream career, and I have worked incredibly hard to get to this point and invested a lot of money. My husband wants me to reconsider my choice because we've decided to have kids in the future.

    Answered on 10th April 2008:

    Being a single parent taught me how to be a bread winner as well as juggle a career and 2 children. I was in a lucrative business prior to meeting my 2nd husband. He suggested to end my career and once again I found myself a stay at home housewife. With an additional child, my step daughter the youngest. Wow 3 children ! This was a hard year as well as compromise. How much pampering and shopping can be done. I tried hard to look for a hobby found none of interest. My experience taught me to continue doing what makes me happy. My husband agreed to me starting my own business. The hours are long but flexible. The sense of accomplishment in the workforce is far more rewarding than staying home. My husband soon saw how I was able to handle all my responsibilities as well as give him needed attention. Never let your dreams or aspirations go or it will be regreted! Perhaps you can let your husband know it is not a competion of who has a higher income but somthing you want to do that will simply make you happy. There is always the option for you to stay home it seems. Good Luck in making your up your mind. It looks like you already know what you truly want to do...

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