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  • How much sleep do you get at night? And how do you catch up if you fall behind?

    Answered on 8th May 2008:

    about 6 hours/night. I always catch up during the week-end.

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  • What did your parents do to help you build your self confidence?

    Answered on 8th May 2008:

    I believe my parents just acted normal: encouraged me to speak up for myself, have an opinion, be truthful, never be mean, care about other people, help whenever I can, make a difference between good and bad and take responsibility for my actions. They also always gave me a pat on the back when I did well and talked to me when I did not do well. In the end, this leads to mind clarity, understanding of things, good relationships, desire to discover the world and ... self respect. And we all know that when one respects himself/herself, other people do so too. On the opposite side, opinionless kids, with no ideas to stand for, no voice to speak up -- you know the type: the ones taught be their incredibly smart parents to be politically correct, be careful not to offend anybody type, be perfect, do not do mistakes, do not embarrass me for God's sake! etc. etc.-- with no responsibilities, cannot ever became self confident ... Now there are situations and kids who need more support than other to grow self-confident, and that's where the parents, the teachers, the rest of the people they come in contact with can come in and help.

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  • Hi! I just wanted to see how you and your family are doing?

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  • "The Secret to Creativity is Hiding Your Sources."- Einstein...

    I do love that man. We are getting a St. Bernard in the coming months and hope to name him Einstein (if the AKC and breeder will let us!)

    My top secret book... actually there are several floating around in my head and starting to form into an actual manuscript. Eventually one will completely take flight. Soon. That's all I'm gonna say.


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  • "If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y and Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut." -Albert Einstein

    It's great to meet you... Thanks for the kind words!


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  • Thanks Lorena.
    A clone is strangely the only thing I really do need. Have to find an email for those Star Wars Kaminonan guys.


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  • Hi Nancy,

    Glad to meet you too! Thanks for your kind note. I will gladly do this.

    Have a sunny day!

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  • Hi Lorena. It's wonderful to meet you. Welcome to Work it, Mom! I'm a moderator for the site, so if you ever have questions/comments, just let me know. :) Really enjoyed reading your profile and notice you have a really positive outlook on life/your career. Most of our articles are member-submitted. Maybe you'd like to write one for us one day and share your work/life tips with us? Just a thought... Have a great day!

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