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entrepreneur, home business owner, network marketing professional
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Hi! I'm Lisa Willard and I'm glad to be networking with you. .. I enjoy exercising(yes,I really do), being outdoors, cooking, shopping and watching the kids play sports. My other passion - working at home and helping others do the same. I began looking at the network marketing industry two and half years ago. Why? Because I wanted more freedom. As an employee of Corporate America, I wanted more flexibility and more time with my family. Here are some of things that appealed to me as I looked at staring my home business. * No more 9-5 * No more boss * Time freedom * Financial freedom I enjoy coaching and training others who have the desire to create the same thing. It is important to me to train and coach as many people as possible on how to do things the right way and not make the mistakes that I did. I enjoy helping others define their goals, reach their potential and become successful leaders. Network Marketing can really change your life. You must be ready to take action, work hard and put your blinders on. The best part is - anyone can do this. I'm an average mom, who didn't have any network marketing experience. Learn more about building a successful business online at Don't worry, I'm not going to teach you to bug your friends and your family. Attraction Marketing is a concept that I embrace and that I use online. And sign up my FREE report - "Freedom with Network Marketing" Simply send an email to I look forward to connecting with you! Thanks for visiting!
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People, places, success-minded people and fitness
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Running or going for a walk
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Mindset is crucial to success. You really must believe in yourself. I used to think it was a bunch of blah, blah, blah. But it's not. Self development is a must! Leaders are readers.
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MLM Nuts and Bolts

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