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  • Did you always want to have kids?

    Answered on 7th August 2008:

    I never thought that I WOULDN'T have kids.....but a career took over and my life headed in different directions which included an early divorce and 3 subsequent engagements. I just didn't feel confident about pulling the trigger and getting married again. After 40, I started thinking that maybe one day I'd ask a guy friend to donate sperm and just have a baby as a single Mom. (At 40 - like I had all the time in the world to figure it out?) Little did I know (at 41) I'd meet the man of my dreams and right after we moved in together and started talking about having a baby I got pregnant - naturally! He officially proposed on the day of my amnio and we got married 3 1/2 months before our daughter was born.

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  • How long before you gave birth did you go on maternity leave?

    Answered on 6th August 2008:

    I am amazed at the responses! I too run my own business and I worked right up until the day I was scheduled for a c-section and had my Blackberry on in the hospital bed on the second day. Although I am not the sole breadwinner, my income is very important to our family and I did not have any time off afterwards to really "recover". If I have it to do again, I would take at least a week after the delivery so that I am not as overwhelmed. For those who have paid leave, I hope you take whatever you are entitled to take but I would SO recommened working as long as possible and taking the time on the back end to handle the adjustment.

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