From Chandler, Arizona, United States

Joined 3rd April 2008

Full-time as a Administrative Assistant at YWCA Maricopa County
How many hours I work:
20 to 40 hours a week
How much I like my job:
I love it
How stressful I find my job:
Not very stressful
Best thing about my job:
I love the fact that our programs are here to empower the women in the community, and help them get the help that they need.
Worst thing about my job:
The worst thing is that I am not fully invloved or more hands on with working with the moms. I want to do so much more.
My dream job:
My dream job is to be working woththe Elderly or disabled, people who cannot do for themselves, or just spending time with the elderly. Taking the time to read, talk or just listen to them. I believe some of them have a world of experience to be shared. As for the disabled, I just feel the need to help everyone.

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