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  • How many times a week do you work out and when do you do it?

    Answered on 22nd February 2008:

    When I had only one kid, i used to workout at my office gym and also do yoga classes. Now with 2 kids I find it hard to get time. I am constantly working around them either with chores, cooking, feeding ........ So i was feeling its not what I want, i have started to eat healthy and less , also I drink a mix of water, lemon and honey first thin in the morning which should help in burning off Fat. I have noticed I have reduced and my pre-pregnancy pants fit easily now. Give it a try it will hlep

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  • Is there a lot of gossip where you work? How do you deal with it?

    Answered on 11th January 2008:

    There is a lot of gossip. Sometimes they are true and sometimes false. It would bother me if its going to hurt my job, but otherwise I dont bother. You cannot stop people talking thats how the world is. My opinion :)

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