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  • Anyone have any creative 'work scheduling' solutions allowing one to work full time while spending as much time as possible with the kid(s)? I want to have my cake and eat it too.

    Answered on 28th September 2008:

    Hi, My name is Candace Hebert, I am a National Sales Specialist for AmeriPlanUSA...I am a single mom...Im 24 yrs old and have two beautiful little girls (ages 3 and 4)...things were SO tough on me for a while, and I lost my apartment, and then lost my job because I didnt have reliable daycare...things just kept falling apart and everything...I finally found a solution and hopefully I can help you. How much time roughly do you spend online each week? Cause i know at my job i spend ALOT of time online, I decided to sign up working with AmeriPlanUSA and its make your own hours, you are your own boss and you make a ton of, you get to spend more time with your kids and once you get really rolling in the money, you have the option to quit your job, be a stay at home mom and still at the same time make lots of mentor works about 10 hrs a week and brings home $60,000 a year...thats my plan, i plan to beat that and make more lol....but if you OR anyone you know may be interested PLEASE have them check this out!! Im just starting my business so i am trying to get the word out there.... :) AND if you want more details, call (616) 712-1118 AND after that if you STILL have more questions or concerns, you can email me personally at * NOTE* Usually AmeriPlanUSA charges $95 start up fee, which pays for your website, training, etc. HOWEVER , for this month ONLY they have been doing a promotion, its only $25 to start up so if you want to do this, Id say make sure you start before the end of the month...$25 is a hell of a lot cheaper than $95! WISH U LUCK, best regards, Candace Hebert

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