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  • Does anyone have any leads on some home-based jobs such as data entry, clerical, virtual assistants. I desperately want to work from home, but don't know where to find companies that offer legit telework job opportunites.

    Answered on 30th December 2008:

    Jen You will find some large names that hire as jobs come up - but these can be seasonal or part time work at home initially with part time in the office. Also, there are many smaller firms that are looking for home based workers but based in a particular state. That having been said - I know that as of today (Dec 29), the following are hiring for specific positions: Lighthawk, Accutran Global, Clown Monkey Clothing, Sutherland Global. Be very hesitant about any job posted on Craigslist with only a Craigslist posting number to respond to (I have written an article on Bait and Switch with this in mind) and ensure that your resume is top notch. If you want completely free and scam-free resources in order to vamp up your resume, or how to prevent yourself being scammed - I have many topics (personally researched by me) on my own website that I just launched: Both me and my other team member are both stay at home moms and had the same frustrations you have and decided to do something about it. We loathe scammers with a passion! In any event, try the companies above, and I hope you find that my own site puts you in a better position to find that job. The 'Job Seeker's' Guide and 'News and Newsworthy' articles should be of great help. Good luck Maria

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