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  • How clean is your house really? Do you hide things in the closet when visitors come, or do you just tidy up a bit before they arrive? Are you happy with this aspect of your life in general?

    Answered on 6th July 2008:

    I have a magnet that says, "This house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy." And that pretty much summarizes it for me. I like a clean house but I don't obsess about it. My kids know the rules and they've learned to clean up after themselves. We tidy up a little more when we're expecting company, but the house is already presentable to start with. We have a formal living room and a guest bathroom and those I keep company-worthy all the time. The rest of the house is clean but lived-in and I'm happy with it although one can always do better. If there are rooms I would never want guests to see it would be my teen-agers' bedrooms. But that's another story :-) Anyway, I read a sign once in someone else's home that said, "BORING WOMEN HAVE IMMACULATE HOMES." In that case I'm certainly not boring!

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  • Who came up your child's name? Was it a collaborative effort or did you/your partner insist on the name?

    Answered on 6th July 2008:

    Both our children's names were collaborative efforts. My husband and I had to both like it. And we ended up with names with sentimental value as well. We think we picked good names. The ultimate judges: our kids. Our kids now both teen-agers are okay with their names. They have not said, "Gee, mom and dad, what were you thinking when you picked our names!" That was actually one of the big factor in our choice of names, how they will playout on the playground. We didn't want our kids to be burdened by names we thought were really sentimental and meaningful, but will get them teased or were hard to say. Creative and original names are good, but parents should not get carried away I think.

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  • Totally misread what you said about your church. I thought you said defies stay at home moms...It's definitely not so strange for them to deify SAHMs. Is that difficult to deal with?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 2nd June 2008

  • Hi Maria Victoria, That's unusual for a church. Are you loving it? Anyway, I'm a moderator for Work it, Mom! If you have comments or questions, just let me know.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 29th May 2008