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  • Has anyone decorated a booth at a convention before? I have a new company, with limited funds but I have secured a booth at the upcoming Albany Kids Expo. I would like to hang pictures in the booth but have no idea how to do that. Any ideas?

    Answered on 14th February 2008:

    I have lots of experience with this one! (Both with doing my own booths and in plannng an entire trade show.) First, think BIG, not EXPENSIVE! Depending on the location of your booth, if you're one of the first booths, the best thing to give away is the plastic bags for the attendees to carry their goodies in........each person will carry YOUR LOGO and advertising throughout the night, and become a walking billboard for you. Another inexpensive idea is to have helium balloons with your logo/company name on them.......some people won't want to carry your balloon all night, so you put a 'prize' in SOME of them. Tell the attendees that they can't pop their balloon till a certain time at the end of the night, and if they win, they can come by your booth to collect their prize.....depending on your budget, it could be a gift certificate; a free product or service from your business; a prepaid phone card; even an inexpensive am/fm headset. Again, the people will be walking advertising for you all night. Another great give-away is computer mousepads.......if yours is cute and catchy, it'll stay on their desk! Try to be a little unique....everyone gets so many cheap keychains, pens, soda huggers and magnets! To display your pictures, if you don't have a vertical backdrop, you can use a 3-panel room divider to create your own 'wall' and put pictures on that. (Just make sure you secure it, so it can't fall into your neighbor's booth behind you!) If you need to round-out your booth, you can always use plants for 'filler.' A few larger items work much better than a bunch of little items, which tend to look cluttered. Good Luck!

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  • Did becoming a mom change your career aspirations?

    Answered on 10th January 2008:

    Definitely! Because I wanted to be available to my children, I chose the route of entrepreneurship. Working for myself for 16+ years has allowed me to control my schedule and and keep it in sync with the kids' school, extracurricular & social schedules. Although at times it does take some maneuvering and juggling, it's been a great experience and has worked out really well for our family!

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  • Hi, Mary Davis,

    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and just wanted to welcome you to our community. Great to have a fellow entrepreneur mom here! I look forward to your many contributions here and to learning more about you (have you thought about contributing an article?)

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