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  • Is anyone else torn between working and staying home? I work so that I can provide my son with opportunities that wouldn't be there if I stayed home (ie vacations, summer camp, college savings, etc). However, I don't like going to work or what I do (I'm

    Answered on 19th July 2012:

    I, too, found this site because i am having a hard time dealing with working full time. I have a seven month old son who is so amazing to be with and watch and play. I work 40 hours a week as a pharmacy technician for walgreens. I love what i do and work for a very nice boss who has come to be a really close friend. I get paid well enoug for our lifestyle and get health insurance for my family. It has been hard settling back into work. My brain and heart are always wondering what i am missing at home. And for what it's worth i can't focus on work for very long because i pump 3 times while at work. Don't get me wrong, i love to pump for my baby but it is a task. I know i have to keep my job for the money and especially the insurance. I am thinking of asking my husband if we can afford for me to work only four days a week or six hour days. That we give me more time to run errands, work out to lose baby blub, and raise our son. I don't feel guilty about working though. If i didn't work we would have no insurance and less money. I am so fortunate to have family watching him so i don't have to pay anyone for that. If i did, i might rethink the whole thing. ** for you, do what you make peace in your heart and family. Take a step back and think of work as a mini vacation from babyland. Go to work, do your thing, and come home. I find some stay at home moms don't seem to appreciate their kids as much as working moms. you sound like your heart is in the right place. Don't let the money stress you out. You'll make it and enjoy your kids and husband all the more. Hope this helps :)

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