Mindy Roberts

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parenting, children, blogger, writer, divorce, Themommyblog
About me:
Witty, sarcastic, and always engaging, Mindy chronicles her life, and that of her children. She tackles the good and the bad with a broad stroke and a sense of humor that give her writing depth and an emotional pull. Besides her obvious, tender love for her children, The Mommy Blog is a place where Mindy reveals some of her fears and disappointments, and talks about her hopes for the future. Readers have laughed and cried along with her, finding inspiration in Mindy's tales.
My interests:
Reading, writing, good food & wine.
My website/blog:
Http://themommyblog.com http://themommyblog.net
How I de-stress:
Heh. Reading, writing, good food & wine.
Best advice I've gotten:
Do what feels right (and what you can afford). If it bothers you, it probably bothers the children as well.
Adjective to describe me:
Just released "42 Rules for Divorcing with Children: Doing It with Dignity & Grace while Raising Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted Children!"
My favorite book:
Why just one?
My favorite movie:
See? I'm not so good with the favoritism. It doesn't work with the kids either.

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  • It's us! In one of those mall photo studios, me trying to hold her up while the huge blanket wrapped around my chest is falling down, with my mother standing by, cringing. Daphne's five now!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mindy Roberts on 26th April 2007

  • If this photo is really of you and your baby - rather than two beautiful models you hired - it should be in an ad for some fancy natural baby lotion:)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 26th April 2007