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Melissa Madden is studio manager for Keith Pitts Photography. She works with her husband Keith, whom she loves and adores and enjoys spending all day, every day with him in their never ending quest to keep their photography business successful enough that she never has to return to the corporate world. So far, so good! Since their first child was born 6 years ago, Melissa has had the good fortune to be self-employed. Self-employed = flexibilty. A great combination with two small children. Melissa is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has been happily married to Keith for nearly 8 years, and a mother to two little girls, Isabella (6) and Gabriella (3). She fills her days making kids lunches, driving kids to school (and preschool), attempting to avoid the gym (but she has to drive by it in both directions, so feels really bad when she doesn’t drop in), trying to work really, really hard while the kids are at school, picking them up, running errands, laundry, cooking and all the other fun stuff that take place while trying to make your own business successful, be a loving wife and mother – the usual drill that most moms partake in on a daily basis. Oh and trying to stay nice during the chaos of the average day – can sometimes be a challenge for me! And for the past year, trying to make our family as close to vegetarian as possible, with the one glaring problem: my husband doesn’t eat vegetables!

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