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creative, hardworking, loving mom
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I live all my from a tropical country and my heart was captured by a wrong person and cause me all stress I've had here in Illinois. Been married for 10 years and decided to go in two different direction after having a baby. All mom's wish to have a perfect family right? I quit working due to my son's dissability, I will be able to work when he starts going to school. I left my husband for screwing an addict, cyber cheating and much more. Unbelievably, but, I have all the bad luck you can think of about my life here. I'm own my own, no family around to help me out with my son. As a strong mother, I have to deal with it and think positive as always.
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I love sewing, photography and graphics.
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Best advice I've gotten:
Give time to your child whether they need you or not.

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  • Hi momzie06. I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! We are glad you’re here. Welcome! Hope you are less stressed soon!

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