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Our mission is simple: To help 1 million moms create and achieve a plan by 2015 to have one million dollars (or more) in personal net worth. Women are the cornerstone of the family's financial security, yet women, particularly moms get paid less than 75% of what their male counterparts do! More and more moms are the head of household, and with this new responsibility comes the responsibility to manage and grow that money. (or at least get out of debt). Moms are the head of household in many homes and are one of the most powerful economic influencers. Moms are involved in about 80% of all purchasing decisions and when she buys she buys for an average of 3 people. If she'd buying for business she can be buying for one employee for thousands. Mom has great economic impact. Yet, moms are notoriously under-served and under-recognized in the financial world. Did you know that until 1974 women were not allowed to have credit in their own names or buy homes in their own names? They had to have a husband or father on the loan, credit card or house with them. If women received the same salary as men who work the same number of hours, have the same education or union status, are the same age, and live in the same region of the country poverty rates would be cut in half.

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