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  • I work for Nightline at ABC News and I would like to know if you live in the exurbs and are now feeling the hit of high gas prices. We are working on a story for broadcast and perhaps you could help us out. Respond here or check out the following l

    Answered on 10th July 2008:

    I manage 6 restaurants with 20-30 employees at each restaurant. I hear often that we are missing employees who are unable to come to work because they can't afford to put gas in their car. In the last month I have transfered over 10 employees to different restaurants in the area to be closer to their homes due to gas prices. I drive 2500 to 3000 miles per month. I have a Toyota Camry and I fill up every two days at about $60 per fill up. So that is about $180 or more per week that I spend on gas alone. That is the same amount, sometimes more that I spend on childcare and more than my mortgage. I have stopped using my car to run errands or do my shopping. My daughters and I ride our bikes, and I have a buggy that attaches to my bike for hauling our groceries, but that impact on my gas expense is minimal.

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  • Business trip guilt -- how do you overcome it?

    Answered on 10th July 2008:

    I try to make sure I'm leaving laundry done and house tidy, to lighten his load. I also arrahge for either my Aunt, Grandma or our friend/sitter to "drop in." That way if he needs assistance, he doesn't have to ask. There's a great book that the girls always read when I'm gone called "Momma always comes home." I talk to them in the morning and at night, and I always get one surprise for them. I still feel guilty as I always do when someone else is carrying my mommy responsibility, but in the end I try to remember that it really is great for them to get Daddy time and to know that Mommies can go away and things will keep trucking along.

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  • Hi NikiD. Welcome! We're so glad you've joined Work it, Mom! Loved reading about your kids - they sound so cute and it's great you thrive off being around them. On the down side--wow, you have such a heavy workload. I don't know how your stress meter is so low all things considered!! :) Hope you will come back often to chat/vent about it. I'm a moderator for the site. Here are a couple of places I really recommend you check out:
    Have a great day!

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