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mom, reader, gardener, baker, scrapbooker, coffee-drinker, garden pond lover, flip flops, starbucks fan, bird watcher, flower grower
About me:
I am a stay at home mom raising 3 kids all at such different stages. A first year college daughter, a teenage daughter and a 3 yr old son with a temper. My husband and I have a trucking company that keeps him busy and me stressed. We also are Mona Vie distributors, such a wonderful company to work for with great earning potential.
My interests:
I love being outdoors, the fall, a cup of Starbucks coffee, reading, baking in the fall, decorating our home, bonfires, relaxing, being with a friend.
How I de-stress:
I love to sit and read, drink a latte, pray, take a jet bath.
My favorite movie:

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  • Hi Julie. Welcome to Work it, Mom! I breathed a sigh of happiness just reading your list of favorite things. I'm so with you on the love of gardening and garden ponds, oh, and good coffee! :)

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