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  • Any tips on flying with an infant age 3 to 7 months under current restrictions? I've read and heard that you can just take them on in a front pack, gate check the carrier-car seat and your carry on is your carry on and diaper bag all in one. Can you tak

    Answered on 2nd July 2009:

    Some tips: 1. If you check your stroller or your car seat as baggage, you don't have to pay for it on most airlines because it is an exempted item. I just recently flew with my son who had his own seat. We took a car seat for the first flight and opted to check it, for free, on the return. 2. you can take liquid food or formula for the baby. Just follow these TSA guidelines: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/children/formula.shtm. If you take dry formula, though, it's much easier. I have kept it separated out in a ziplock. 3. Give yourself extra time to check in and make it through security. 4. If they have family lanes at security, even though it's slower, make use of them. Few people get impatient with a parent who is taking his or her time with a carrier, diaper bag etc. 5. I have found it's easiest to keep the baby as much on his or her schedule as possible. Keeping them up past their naptime is unbearable if they get overtired. 6. Rely on the kindness of strangers if you are traveling alone. When I took my son on his first flight (over 7 hours) (before he turned one), I carried him in my ergo, no stroller etc. When I had to go to the bathroom, he came with me, but there were people who offered to help me and I said yes when I needed to. 7. Help a little one clear their ears by giving them something to drink at take offs and landings. 8. Having an extra seat is a blessing. Even if you plan on lap-holding an infant, getting the baby his or her own seat affords you some extra space, if you can afford it.

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  • How many kids do you have? Is this more or less than you always thought you would?

    Answered on 2nd July 2009:

    I have two but I only intended to have one. Twins sneak up on you.

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  • Thanks for the thoughts! You made me smile...I'll get some on the mat time, too, and send some vibes your way as well because it can't hurt to share.

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  • I appreciate your advice "Breathe. Pay Attention to Today." I try to do this (refocus on the present) every time I wash my hands.

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  • Oh ps, we also have a group called Breastfeeding Mamas!

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  • Hi Kat. Welcome to the Work It, Mom! community. Congrats on being the mom to your formerly-preemie twins. That's quite an accomplishment in itself. Sounds like you could use a little support at times and, trust me, we are here to encourage you.

    PS, I just checked out your blog and I see you also read that push present NY Times article. I just posted a question about that in the Talk section. Maybe you could weigh in over there with your opinion!

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