From Jacksonville, Florida, United States

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Part-time as a director at melaleucafour point group
Sales & Marketing
Best thing about my job:
having the time off when i want it
Worst thing about my job:
living in jacksonvillle
My dream job:
i like melalecua i am good at teaching

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  • Hey there and welcome to Work It, Mom! We're practically neighbors! I'm in Tallahassee...and I see you're about as enthusiastic about Jacksonville as I am about Tallahassee. Oh well... We are where we are - for now. It's cool that you have a Basset Hound. They are great dogs. I'm involved in animal rescue and we have a volunteer who does mostly Bassets. I have adopted out one so far. Is yours a rescue dog? Anyway, welcome.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 27th November 2007