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Born in Italy, in a town at the foot of the Alps. Moved to the USA after marrying a US service man. One wonderful daughter. One fox or coyote look-alike dog named Loki, Lord of Mischief (sometimes called Loki Luciano). One Oreo dog that often stands like a cow. And one cat named Caesar, the ruler. I absolutely love animals and nature, I think our purpose here on the planet is to learn (and teach) to be in harmony with our surroundings. I usually do not trust people who are not fond of animals and I dislike those who are disrespectful to nature. I like art and music. I like digitally animated movies as I admire and appreciate the work in them. I enjoy funny movies, I think laughing is great and it should be done daily. "Il riso fa buon sangue" is an Italian saying literally translated into "laughter makes good blood". I have been drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil and a brush. My mom used to take weekly trips to Switzerland (1/2 hour drive away) to fill the gas tank and buy better coffee, and she used to bring me all kinds of great supplies, from Caran D'Ache watercolor pencils, to animal shaped pencil sharpeners, etc,. all things that were not found in the stores in town. I always felt so special to own those items and I think it was then that my passion for paper and pens was born. Since then I have always had a fascination with blank books, art supplies, pens, pencils and papers. I like nice stationary, high-quality journals and notebooks. I particularly like fountain pens and Moleskine notebooks. I rather buy one of those than a pair of shoes. But I digress... I like bright colors, turquoise is my favorite. I like black and white photos. I like mermaids, Pinocchio (not the Disney one, though), little objects, particularly vintage wooden ones. I like vintage children books. Their drawings are amazing! I also like: parfumes black licorice motorcycles gnomes watermelon apple computers the smell of freshly cut grass snow photography the smell of puppies and kittens Monk (the TV show) walnuts the smell of a new open book to be continued...
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computer, ebay, art, painting, photography, animals,
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How I de-stress:
computer,blogging, painting
Best advice I've gotten:
never got one
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My favorite book:
the da vinci code
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  • Hi, Marina,

    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and just wanted to say welcome to the community! I look forward to seeing you here at WIM--if you have any questions about the site, please let me know.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 11th December 2007

  • Hi Marina. Welcome. Love your cute cat pic! (Is that your beautiful cat?) Hope you're feeling better today.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 10th December 2007

  • Hey marina, Welcome to Work it, Mom. If you haven't already you should check out the awesome contests that we are running this month...there are some really great prizes to win. Also, to get started on the website you may want to join the "New to Work it, Mom!" group. I'll look forward to getting to know you!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 7th December 2007