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My tags:
attempting that challenge- balancing my personal and professional, doing it all perfectly as a devoted mother of 2 children and wife to a great husband
About me:
I'm a 45 year full time working mom.I have a husband and two wonderful children who are my whole life. I love people and socializing with other moms.
My interests:
Walking, socializing and watching my kids play certain sports, playing with my kids, watching the Today Show, and surfing the web. The reason I started googling this working mother's site is because I'm thinking of starting a PWMG in my community- Professional Working Mother's Group. Any suggestions?
My website/blog:
http://Meredith Viera Blog from the Today Show
How I de-stress:
Rest, reading and relaxing with my kids. Also, there is nothing like a hug from your child.
Best advice I've gotten:
Do the best you can doing it just do it. Family is first.
Adjective to describe me:
Flexible, easy to be around
My favorite book:
Danielle Steel's -The Promise
My favorite movie:
The Way We Were

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  • Hi Nancy. Welcome to Work it, Mom! We're glad you're here and sorry you are finding your workload a bit much right now. Hope you can find something more satisfying soon! You mentioned that you're open to suggestions about founding a moms' group in your area. Have you considered starting up a group on I joined a local moms' group here in FL that has been wonderful. You don't have to start it right away if you don't want to - you can put out a proposal for it and see if anyone wants to join you. Good luck!

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