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  • How much time a week or a month do you get to yourself?

    Answered on 7th March 2008:

    My husband takes our daughter skating, out to lunch and to the park every Wednesday, giving me 5 hours of me time. Otherwise, it would never happen as we both work from home and I am the primary caregiver.

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  • mom bloggers, what are your favorite blogging resources and why?

    Answered on 4th March 2008:

    Whoa, that's a long answer. I use Stumbleupon to surf blogs on things that I love, tend to be a big fan of Flickr to connect with new people and read as many mommy blogs as possible to get ideas, talk about issues and learn something new. Top 5 Blogs for Moms (other than, of course, Work It Mom): Mommy Trackd Modish: (for beautiful things) Etsy for shamelessly fun shopping and great ideas ParentHacks because everyone needs to give and receive advice and - because we should all get outside with our kids more often.

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