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  • I'm currently 5 mos pregnant and already feeling the stress of having to put my baby girl in day care. Anyone have any advice? I have to work. We need the money! Part 2 of my question - I'm currently a teacher (an hour from home) and I have just bee

    Answered on 21st February 2008:

    Congratulations! Just to follow up on KC's comments, my children both went to a homecare (sometimes called family care with larger groups) until they were 3 and in many ways it was much easier for them and for me. It was cheaper than alot of the big daycares, the number of kids was much lower so my child got more attention, there was less risk of her being stuck in the baby room or left in a crib (instead she got to watch and interact with the bigger kids which is pretty stimulating), and the relationship between me and her caregivers was very friendly and more personal. (I view our care giver as sort of a professional Mother Goose; she's great and very invested in our kid.) Have you asked the other mom teachers at your school who they are using? Many family cares are run by ex-teachers who specialized in little ones but needed to make more $ than they could within the school system. Often other teachers or even senior staff at your local grade school can point you in the right direction. The local parent association for your town can also help.

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  • My 2 1/2 yr old son is potty trained. But he has a very hard time pooping. He doesn't want to go on the toliet and he won't go in his pants. He goes days without going then it hurts him really bad when he finally breaks down and goes. Sometimes I hav

    Answered on 21st February 2008:

    Hi Stacy. I can relate entirely. We had a very similar problem at our house. It turned out to be mostly a control issue (emotional, rather than physical). While pushing the fluids helps, part of the constipation is just due to the fact he doesn't go for several days and some hardness is inevitable in that case. We found that allowing our child to relax by going back one step in the potty training process helped her get past the issue. Each evening after bathtime (which is good for relaxing) we told her it was time for poo-poo and if she asked for a pull up she got one but the rule was she (1) had to use the pull up in the bathroom and (2) help put the poo-poo in the potty, flush and wipe up after it was over. She told us what made it "more comfortable" - soft lights, company or not, books - until we got the setting right. After a bit of encouragement, she seemed to feel very secure with this routine and went regularly at that time every night (reward sticker helped in our case). When she got out of the emotional control cycle she was in, she decided herself to do it without the pull-up. Our doctor says that many young kids do not need to do #2 more than every other day so do not worry too much if he misses a day or so; at 3 1/2 or 4 days, you need to talk to your doctor about it. He also said alot of 2 year olds that potty train do some backtracking on the issue when they are 3 or even 4 and not to stress too much on the issue.

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