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About me:
I am in my late-30s, a full-time wife, a full-time, mom, and, for all practical purposes, a full-time Lutheran pastor. I would LOVE more time to read, write, do rubber-stamp card-making, keep my house clean, etc. But with 3 full-time jobs as it is, "me-time" pretty much goes by the wayside, as I'm sure many out there can understand.
My interests:
Reading, writing, rubber-stamping, travel, going on dates with my husband, coffee time with girlfriends or my husband
How I de-stress:
Reading; enjoying a wonderful, strong cup of morning coffee out on the porch swing
Best advice I've gotten:
Take/Make time for YOU! (Not that I am very good at *following* that advice!)
Adjective to describe me:
frenetic (esp. if you ask my husband!)
My favorite book:
The Bridges of Madison County
My favorite movie:
Eddie & the Cruisers

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