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mom, writer, yoga, princess, project manager, photography, self discovery, Buddhist
About me:
This is my online journal of being a divorced, stay-at-work mom of an amazing 6 year old daughter. The Buddhist believe that the lotus flower symbolizes infinite potential, renewal, transformation and new beginnings. The red lotus symbolizes the original nature of the heart. It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion, activity and all the qualities of the heart. Therefore, I am the Red Lotus Mama.
My interests:
Yoga, reading, photography, writing
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How I de-stress:
Beach, going to the day spa, watch a good TV show or movie, yoga
Best advice I've gotten:
When at work give 100% of yourself, when you are a home give your family 100% of yourself. It is hard to do, but I try.
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My favorite book:
Eat, Pray, Love
My favorite movie:
50 First Dates

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