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  • Do you ever turn off your cell phone?

    Answered on 20th May 2008:

    somedays I let it drain down on purpose. I leave my house and my office with the kids and we just go somewhere to be -- the park, mcdonald's play area, the zoo -- anywhere I can go to just be quiet...quiet in my mind...being with a 1 and 4 year old is not quiet but it is a good noise -- not the noise of the office, of the clients, of the undone work....then I freak out and after about 3 hours have to check my phone and computer at home...xoxo

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  • How long was your maternity leave? I took 8 weeks with my first one. We are going to try to conceive #2 at the end of the summer and hopefully have a late spring baby. I would like to take a longer maternity leave, and since I have summers off any

    Answered on 20th May 2008:

    I had no real maternity leave and it is something that still angers me until this day because I didn't set stronger boundaries with the company I worked for. My first son was born on wednesday and was premature - because of complications we both stayed in the hospital for a week...him actually for three...but my office started faxing me the next day...with my second son, I gave birth on sunday, came home on monday and tuesday my office had set up a conference call with a group of lawyers about a deal that went wrong and i was fuzzy, but on the phone then. I look back and go - what the heck was wrong with me -- but I was so tired, so frustrated, so overworked that it was easier just to pick up and keep going...but take the time if you can get it and take it from me - I won no award or made any more money and was just left with a lot of regret....xoxo

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  • Hi sandra. Welcome to Work it, Mom! I love your website and enjoyed reading there about how Motherhood Incorporated got its start. I'm a WAHM myself and I totally relate to the scenario you describe of working moms wanting to be home yet keep a hand in the game, professionally, too. Good luck with your business! I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! so let me know if there's anything I can do for you. :) I'll look forward to seeing you around the site!

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