sandra beck

From Los Angeles, California, United States

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author, coach, business owner
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I am a work from home mom with a successful business. I run around like a crazy person between the clients, the kids and the dogs. Need other moms to talk to as my job is very isolating other than the internet.
My interests:
Reading, swimming, cooking, watching movies, writing.
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How I de-stress:
massage and a hot bath
Best advice I've gotten:
Dont try to be perfect.
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My favorite book:
The Lancaster Men by Janet Dailey
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  • Hi sandra. Welcome to Work it, Mom! I love your website and enjoyed reading there about how Motherhood Incorporated got its start. I'm a WAHM myself and I totally relate to the scenario you describe of working moms wanting to be home yet keep a hand in the game, professionally, too. Good luck with your business! I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! so let me know if there's anything I can do for you. :) I'll look forward to seeing you around the site!

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