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I am a mom of two girls, we struggled so badly, my husband has a terrible heart and we live on disability. I had to stay with him which ruled out working out of the home. So I found a business online that changed our lifes, now I help others change their lives, you can't be successful in network marketing unless you help others become successful too. I love being at home and earning more than I could outside of the home. After learning what I could make I wanted to take it a step farther, and learn how to shop and get as much as I could for free, then give to the community, we live in the Applachians there are 80% of the people here living below the poverty line, I was born to change this and I will.I love for my girls to watch mom succeed then give to others, it has taught them so much, I know I am raising wonderful, giving girls and thats better than all the money in the world!!!

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