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  • Did becoming a mom change your career aspirations?

    Answered on 12th January 2008:

    Uh, YEAH. Let's just say that before I had a baby, my vision of working motherhood was all rosy-posy. OF COURSE I could stay on my career path. OF COURSE I could have it all. OF COURSE, I would need childcare, but how hard could that be? I mean, everyone does it, right? LOL. Boy, was I naive. I didn't have a clue. Even after finding a good daycare for my baby, the two and a half years I tried to juggle motherhood and career were the most stressful and unhappy of my life. When my husband received a promotion and huge salary increase -- with his assurance that there would be no more "child care issues" (because when Megan was sick, he might have to stay home to care for her one day to my four), I JUMPED at the opportunity to quit the rat race and stay home. It took me nine months of doing nothing to decompress from that situation -- and then realize that even w/hubby's raise, we couldn't live on just his salary. So then I started looking for part time work, and made another nasty discovery: employers are really happy to take advantage of your skills and experience on a part time basis, but are not willing to pay for them. I could not see myself starting all over in a crappy admin job for $7 an hour and STILL have to worry about what to do when my kid came home from preschool with a fever. That's when I started looking into home businesses. That was 8 years ago, and I have not looked back.

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