Corinna Lyons-Revello

From Danville, Illinois, United States

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About me:
Married. Have a 7-year-old daughter. Live in the Midwest. Recently began my own business from home creating custom scrapbooks for other people and just opened an ebay store selling scrapbook supplies. Scrapbooking is my passion and I love it. If I'm not scrapbooking for someone else, I'm creating my own scrapbooks. Plus I work full time as a medical transcriptionist from my home, so my days are pretty full.
My interests:
photography, reading
My website/blog:
How I de-stress:
scrapbook, uninterrupted bath
Best advice I've gotten:
Haven't gotten any
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite book:
no way I could pick just one
My favorite movie:
no way I could pick just one

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  • Hi, Corinna,
    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and just wanted to welcome you to our community. Thanks so much for already contributing an article - I thought it was both very touching and educational and it's made me think about some things I should do and get organized about. I look forward to learning more about you and if you have any questions about the site or anything else, please just let me know.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 23rd October 2007