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  • My spouce and I are fighting alot since were stuck at home with a infant, any idea on how to make staying at home together more intresting?

    Answered on 23rd August 2010:

    Sometimes you love someone so much that you can't stand to see their face all of the time. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." I don't know who originally said that but they were a wise person. You are not "stuck" at home with an infant, you are "blessed" to be able to stay at home with him/her. Fights are very easy to come by when you're both sleep-deprived and hungry and etc. Mood swings are common when your body is readjusting to it's normal estrogen levels. My home-remedy for a fight is to just nod your head and agree... they HATE that! When you don't fight back, they have no fuel for their fire. Also, don't yell at each other, if he's yelling at you, speak to him in a calm, rational tone of voice... it helps calm the situation down and let him know that you are a grown woman and that you will not be yelled at like some little kid. I'm a scorpio, I don't know if YOU know what that means but maybe you guys should spice up the bedroom. Maybe watch a "movie" (wink wink) together or plan a day where you go out to lunch or dinner and have Mommy and Daddy time. It's a must when you've constantly got a baby to look after. Restaurant then romance help keep me and my man from snapping on each other. I hope you and your spouse can fight less and love more because life's too short ( I know, it's cliche) to be mad at each other all of the time. If you need some websites to look at together ;) email me @ GOOD LUCK LOREN!!!

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  • I tried to email you but it wouldn't go through I think it was because I sent it by my phone. I will send it again whenever I can get my brother off the computer.

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