From Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Full-time as an eBusiness/PR Coordinator
Health, Wellness & Fitness
How many hours I work:
More than 40 hours a week
How much I like my job:
I like it
How stressful I find my job:
Not very stressful
Best thing about my job:
3 things: I get paid to write, the company is quite family-friendly, and the work we do helps others in need.
Worst thing about my job:
It requires me to be away from my kids 40 hours a week.
My dream job:
Reading novels for pay would be pretty great!

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  • Hi, Lee - just read your My Day challenging moment today - I've never been to Atlanta, but just moved to Boston and the one-way streets are killer!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 25th September 2007