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greenqueen, christy, tinsley, ilfrey, nativedave
About me:
My husband and I co-own a landscape design and consultation company in the Dallas, TX, area. He is the plant guru, but my focus (and passion) has always been writing. I manage our message by way of our blog (, speaking engagements, and various magazine articles. We are expecting our first child.
My interests:
Reading, kayaking, camping, running, biking, traveling, and experimenting with raw/live/whole foods recipes. I also love all types of music.
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How I de-stress:
Reading, listening to Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" on my iPod while aromatherapy candles flicker
Best advice I've gotten:
Make a schedule so you can give focused attention to family, work, your spouse and, above all, yourself.
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My favorite book:
Don Quixote
My favorite movie:
Endurance (a disney flick about an Ethiopian marathoner)

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