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  • Were you nervous about telling your boss that you were pregnant?

    Answered on 20th June 2008:

    I wasn't nervous at all. When I went in to interview for the job, at the end of my interview my boss asked me if I had any questions, and I threw them at her! One of them was "I plan on having a big family one day, and I just wanted to know the companies policy on maternity leave, family illness, etc." That's how I found out that she (my boss) has 4 children and that she is very lenient with parenting situations. She stated that she once worked under a boss who was very crude to mothers (she didn't have any children). Her employees couldn't pump (breastmilk) or anything. Having gone through that, she knew that when she opened her own business that she was going to be respectful of the needs of mothers who worked beneath her. That being said, I had no problem telling her that I was pregnant; she was super excited for me herself! I'm blessed to work with a wonderful boss and a wonderful group of co-workers.

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