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  • Thanks Tricia for your reply to my dilemma. And you're right. Your mind set is a very powerful thing. I always start my day with thanks to God for blessing us with our health, and family, and always ask for continued strength. I never wake up thinking about all that I have to do for that day, or I would probably never want to get out of bed. My new side business is Mary Kay, and we are trained to be enthusiastic every day because enthusiasm will spread. It is all in your mind set. Even if you do not have anything to be enthusiastic about, if you act it you will become it. I have wanted to shop online so many times before, but the grocery stores out here whom have those services are so much more expensive than the super Wal Mart I shop at ,that the convenience does not outweigh the savings. However, thanks for the other ideas you gave to save some time and stress. I will let you know how it goes. Once I get my May Kay business off the ground, things won't be as hard. I will be able to afford a housekeeper again, for sure. I appreciate your expertise! Have a great day!

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