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  • Hello,

    First of all, let me tell you how brave you are taking on single parenting, full time work and an MBA! You're my hero!!!

    I graduated from my MBA in May 2008 from NYU, Stern School of Business; and I am the proud mom of 8 month old twin girls. I had to take a break from my corporate full time job since they were born 2 months prematurely and spent a long time in the hospital.

    I recently launched www.TopMBAMom.com an exclusive, membership based, professional and social community for high profile women who are applying to, currently pursuing or graduated from a Top MBA program; and are already moms or plan to be so.

    The main purpose of this community is for us to connect with each other, to share our challenges and successes, to get support, to discuss topics that matter to us, to establish business connections and to socialize.

    As MBA women, we might have questions about how to best balance a top level education and career with motherhood. How do we do it? What do we have to sacrifice in order to do so? Was the MBA the right step in our careers? Was the MBA what helped you afford the best family life?....

    You can register now and get a Free Trial Membership and get this an many other questions answered from women who are in your same position, are currently pursuing an MBA, or already graduated from it; and have a family.

    Hope to see you there! Best, Diana-

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