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  • Do you work with mostly men or women? Which do you prefer?

    Answered on 5th May 2008:

    It's been so long since I've worked on a day-to-day basis with men that it's hard to answer this one. But gotta say that my office of women can't be beat. We're not petty, jealous, or catty with each other.

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  • What is your favorite cheap date night idea?

    Answered on 7th February 2008:

    Currently my fave cheap date idea is hitting the movie theater and making popcorn & nachos dinner. It's horrible and bad for us, but we don't see movies very often. My fave of all time was when we were in college and way poor...we'd grab some pizza from the place down the street (living in Lil Italy in Chicago was awesome!) and go up to the roof of our apt building and just hang out. Ah, young love.

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  • Welcome, Veronica! We have a couple of discussion groups here at Work It, Mom! that you might be interested in. One is called "Blog It, Mom!" We also have a couple of groups for moms who work from home. Please join in the conversation soon! Look forward to getting to know you. I used to live in Chicago!

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