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  • Please in an joint effort to help those who are without healthcare in this nation and there are well over 49 million. Please go to to help. I will be waiting for you.

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  • HI Laura,
    I just got your message, were you able to view our website?? ON the website you'll be able to see how we, my team and I, assist Mom's in making substantial incomes from home. It gives them the opportunity to stay at home with their kids and have some cash to enjoy activities together.

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  • Hey, Laura. you haven't filled out your profile. I bet your job is amazing and very empowering...are you a working mom, too? If so, share secrets to how you handle this job and your children. I know I want to empower my girls to be strong women but want input from those women who are being strong...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 9th October 2007

  • Hey Laura! Sounds like a fun job. Where were you in that picture, I want to guess Italy but my geography is soooooooooo bad and I haven't done much traveling. I'm merely judging from pictures I've seen. Let me know.

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