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About me:
I am a mother to twin boys who just turned 4 in Feb. and I am a wife to a good man who has his problems but it come be wrost, anyways we been married for 6 years now. I work overnight and have been at my job for 5 years this month, 2 years on dayshift and 3 on nights, I love working nights because I get to spend more time with my boys but every now and then it gets to me with lack of sleep because I only get 4 hours of sleep per day during the week. I love to talk as you have noticed but I am the type that has to talk about her feelings instead of keeping them inside. I am honest and I speak what I feel like you need to hear and to me I rather see you cry from the truth then smile at the fake.
How I de-stress:
Best advice I've gotten:
To just remeber that you need a break from them like they need a break from you and that you are giving them a great life by working.
My favorite movie:
Remember the titans

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