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If you could change something about your career what would it be? Be specific though. Saying you want to be more successful is a vague answer. Define your career success and goals.”

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  • When I was young, I have a big dream--to be a MD. But I did not have enough confidence to do that, even though I did well in school. I have down OK in my life, but this unfulfilled dream still chases me from time to time. Now I am dreaming if I could and have enough money, I will go back to school, and see how far that I could go.

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  • this is a great question. i want a lot! I want more leadership and decision making responsibility, ok really i want the credit for making the decisions and being a leader (not currently credited 'officially' though nicely noted by boss man and a few others).
    i also want a few other things not currently accissable in my current job. i am desperate to learn something new! New info not available at the office? thats fine! i am findnig my own learning! helping others start their own businesses and learning along the way from people that have a lot more experience than i do. I am a sponge and am soaking in as much as possible!
    I am also trying to stop saying 'why doesnt someone do... X' Why wait for other people to come up with a brilliant idea? I love working in teams and with other people, bouncing ideas and sharing inspiration! I want to build on this and i have a very strong feeling that this will lead to much success - for everyone involved! ;)

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