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When do you get over having to be a single Mom?”

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  • You have to get over whatever dream you had of what your family would be like before you can learn to accept and enjoy it as it is. I was upset for a year, then I was angry for another year, then I was able to look and see how awful staying with her father would have been for all three of us. That gets me over it.

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  • It pretty much depends on how you came to single parenthood. Some people have more issues about the relationship breakup (if thats how it happened) than they do about parenting, but the hurt that comes from the breakup gets turned into part of the survival instinct which hauls solo parents through that first few months. I have been a solo mum for 9 years now, including the pregnancy which I started with. Somedays, I'm so not over "having" to be a solo mum, but those days get less intense and less often. It also depends on your view of solo parenting, do you personally really believe that its not possible to raise kids by yourself, do you have really supportive friends and family or really useless ones. First and foremost you are still you. Make yourself stronger and the parenting thing just follows, it gets easier to be better at it!!

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  • Not sure I understand the question. I chose to be a single mom, and I absolutely love it. The first 3 months were tough because things were really intense, I had no help, and it was a huge life transition (and I was changing careers at the same time). Once I had a child care arrangement, it was relatively smooth sailing.

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