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What time to you go to sleep at night and what time do you wake up? My 2010 resolution to get more sleep is kicking my butt - curious how much everyone else is getting.”

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  • It all depends normally by 11-12 pm

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sherry Avery on 21st February 2010

  • I go to sleep between 12am and 3am, probably 1am on average. Usually my kids wake me up. They are supposed to wait until the sun comes up but don't always. So I'm up between 6 and 7 most days, but I might pull them into bed with me and "try" to sleep a little longer (ha!).

    I think I need more sleep too, but I can't seem to make myself efficient enough to get enough work done before midnight every night.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SKL on 19th February 2010

  • I usually go to bed between 10 and 1030 these days, but end up staying up until 1130 reading. I get to get up at 5am now that A has started daycare. It's like...sleeping in!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Phe on 19th February 2010

  • I usually get to bed between 10:30 and 11. My littlest wakes me up anywhere between 5 (boo!) and 6:30 (yay!) in the morning.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by TracyB on 18th February 2010

  • I am usually in bed by 9PM. Week days I'm up at 5, weekends I'm up when the kids are up, around 6-ish. I shower at night during the week, part of my bed time routine, and just started taking Melatonin. It helps with my SAD, and my sleep overall. Now, sometimes I'm still up when the 10:00 news comes on, but, most nights I drift off pretty quickly. Good luck with your resolution!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mama Murtz on 18th February 2010