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What's your approach to holiday cards? Do you do photo cards or regular cards? Send to everyone you know or just close family and friends? Any tips to not get overwhelmed by this process?”

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  • I LOVE sending snail mail - and what better excuse than the HOLIDAYS!! I am one of those folks who still goes to the post office to get specific stamps (not just the hum drum liberty bells!) It lets people know that you are thinking about them - kinda like when people you haven't spoken to in a long time send you an email forward every now and then.

    I have even offered my services to help those who would like to send out Christmas letters, but dread the chore of it all -- I LOVE IT!!

    Check me out at

    Happy Holidays!

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  • I didn't send out cards for ages..and then I started to not get cards..I realized how much I liked the quick update and the photos from family and friends that we don't often see. Now I send to friends and family, do a few a day and include a photo--not a holiday photo, but one of the boys together from the past year. If I get stressed about it, names get crossed off the list for Christmas and on the list for January. It's also very easy to do the printed photo cards and include a short note (printed). I've done that when I've been really busy.

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  • I don't send holiday cards to anyone ever and am never overwhelmed by the process! Everything should b be this easy!!

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  • I switch mine up depending on the year and my mood. Of course, when my son was first born, we did the whole "cutesy photo" card.
    This year I'm doing the generic cards from Target.

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  • I live too far from family and friends for it to be cost effective to send cards. Email does it for me. :D

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  • I usually tuck in a photo of my kids. I send them to my family and friends, but not everyone I know, and I try to write out 2 or 3 every day after Dec. 1 so that I get them all out before the actual holidays (and so I don't feel like I'm drowning in cards and obligations all at once).

    For the past 10 or so years, I've written a story in The Globe about holiday cards that are offered by various non-profits in Massachusetts. There are tons of different designs (most by local artists), many are non-denominational, and proceeds from the sale of the cards goes to helping the homeless, women shelters, and fighting hunger in Massachusetts...

    The article usually comes out right around Thanksgiving. This year, it'll be in the Sidekick section (in the middle of the paper). Last year's piece is here:

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  • I love picking out the cards for the holidays. I go to this great little shop that has beautiful cards. They are unique old fashioned and the fit my personality. I believe in the magic of the season. I send cards to friends, family and clients. If I get one back in return I am not worried......tis the season of giving.
    Mamajama, you could get a box of red envelopes and a holiday paper and print something up. I do that on the letters from Santa that I do for the kids. I scroll them up put a ribbon on the and maybe a candy cane or something and deliver the ones close and mail the ones not so close. Operation Mrs C is stored in my computer!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kim Begnaud on 16th November 2007

  • Every year I send out cards - regular ones, with color photocopies of our girls' Christmas photos inside. We send to probably around 100 people - family and friends, especially those we don't see or talk to very often. For those we're not in regular contact with, I also include a letter telling everyone how our year has gone and what the kids are up to, any major life changes, etc. It's a good way to keep in touch, at least once a year, with people. I do the cards by myself - my hubby doesn't see the importance of it as much as I do.

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  • i always AIM for sending out cards, at least. i keep saying this year we will take a cute picture of the boy and just have them made into a card and send them out. the couple of times i actually have sent them out i sent them to everyone i had addresses for :) in order of priority until i ran out of either cards or stamps!

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  • I have been wondering this myself. I was thinking that this would be the year that we would send out Christmas cards, but I didn't celebrate Christmas as a kid and the whole holiday thing is overwhelming me as it is. I'm not sure if we'll actually get around to it. Especially since I would probably be the one who primarily organized it....but on the other hand it would be nice to send out an update to those friends and family members that we hardly ever see.

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