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Is your job the kind of work that you can leave at work or do you think about it all the time?”

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  • However much I like to leave work at work it doesnt always happen so. Often when u are about to leave you get an unexpected task to finish.Willingly or Unwillingly you have to take it home with you.
    Though since last few weeks I have tried to make it a habbit that I donot carry work home and when I am with my family I give it my 100% attention.
    Lets see till when I am able to continue with this habit!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by early_quick on 13th December 2007

  • I think just the fact that I'm there all day, every day, makes it hard to just leave there. It's not really stressful, but I do talk and think about it a lot at home.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SCANjolina on 23rd November 2007

  • it should be the kind i leave at work, but if there are any issues or anything unresolved, i think about it. even on thanksgiving :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 23rd November 2007

  • Well. I guess my answer is a very definitive "sorta". The work I do, the company I work for, does not require me to be available outside of standard business hours. I can (and am probably expected) to leave work at the office by peers and management. That said, my brain doesn't always shut off quite that easily. My work in the office is an absolute extension of who I am as a person. It is important to me and there are certainly times outside of business hours when I think of work related topics, come up with ideas for work or remember a task that I had intended to complete and forgotten. Last night I was getting ready for bed and had a thought that I may have forgotten a key piece of information in a status report I provided to management on Wednesday. I finished what I was doing and logged into my computer to double check my report. So yes, I can leave my work at the office and for the most part, I do. But sometimes things pop up that I want to tend to on my personal time.
    How's that for LONG WINDED? LOL

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 22nd November 2007