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How do you handle a compulsive liar? ”

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  • If the person is an adult, the relationship is history - regardless if they are a close friend, spouse or family member.

    If this is a (your) child, early intervention and professional help is an absolute must!

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  • I divorced my liar but that might not be a good solution for every situation. LOL I would suggest doing what you can to get that person out of your life. Talking to them or confronting them will do no good. They will never see themselves as you see them. So I suggest saving your breath and as much as you can, move along.

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  • WoW! That's a loaded question.

    If the person was a friend, I would have to seriously consider letting the friendship go. I would stop taking the persons calls, replying to e-mails and always being busy if I were invited to go out with them.

    If the person was a family member, I would distance myself from them and communicate cordially when necessary...and ONLY when necessary.

    Now, I'm dealing with a my ex (we have a child) whom I feel is a compulsive liar and I am NOT handling that very well. Currently, I am handling this in couseling and seeking legal counsel.

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